Mounting Omeka

We’re now working on each of us having our own installation of Omeka, so that people can a) have the experience of maintaining an instance of it, and b) compare it to other CMS’s, such as WordPress and Drupal.

Please follow the directions on  These are described as “7 Easy Steps for Installing with LAMP server setup,” but they do take some trial and error. For some further newbie tips, keep reading. Continue reading Mounting Omeka

Macroanalysis and the culture industry

Just a short followup to our in-class discussion of Matt Jockers’s Macroanalysis.  Not surprisingly, much of Jockers’s general message was preaching to the converted, given that we’re all here as volunteers interested in the digital humanities. Not surprisingly, much of what we had to say in terms of general appreciation, statistical methodology, presentation, and so forth has been covered in the blogosphere in one place or another or another or anotherBut still, there were some intriguing challenges and questions, both in terms of the DH methodology and in terms of the literary analysis.  One area in particular bridged the two: the consideration of literature as part of the culture industry.

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